Why did the chicken cross the road?


Down under the brutal sun of the New Mexican sky, three shadows travel on motorbikes hollering and crying out to each other.They were disgusting, covered in sweat that created a film over their peeling red skin. They wore thick black sunglasses and smoked cigarettes, the ash flying off as they drove.  At the head of their gang was a skinny shrimp of a man with spiky black hair. He was as ugly as he was stupid. Most called him chicken. He ran away from home at 13 and tried to join a gang, he could pick any lock in New Mexico but public opinion turned when everyone realized he was nothing but a chicken shit coward. The man couldn't defend himself against a feather. Oddly enough that’s what made people like him, made people trust him and he was stupid enough to take advantage of that. The two men behind them were the snake brothers, Barley and Cody. They were both blonde and covered in tattoos with the most striking being a snake beginning from their left temple to down their necks. They mostly sold drugs on street corners and had a reputation for selling something called “poison” that could put down a horse.

“Hey you don’t think they’re gonna find us?” Cody shouted “I mean we aren’t too far from town”

“Don’t worry about it, last I heard the big guys gonna be out for another couple days, either way, I got a connection that will meet us at the midpoint. We are in the clear once we get there.” Barley replied

“Well boys I think after all this work we gotta celebrate for a second”  chicken cried out pointing to the rest stop approaching

“Fat chance, after all the heat we got on us--” Cody began

“Now come on Cody, maybe the man's got the right Idea...I hear this stops got some nice..entertainment” Barley laughed

There was a pause before they all turned into the rest stop. Chicken hopped off his bike and threw a large bag over his shoulder. “You watch that with your life Chicken or I’ll be serving you for dinner.”  Cody growled. “I got it boys trust me” “Oh yeah, sure I’ll trust you.” Barley said before flashing his gun. “I trust you.”

The three bikers turn into rest and chicken leads the way He sits at a bar stool plopping his back on the counter. It was mostly empty, there were a couple of drunks resting against barstools and a few women leaning against a staircase to invite tired patrons into their beds. The bartender comes over, a woman who calls herself sugar “how can I help you boys?” She says leaning over the counter. Chicken unzips the bag exposing stacks upon stacks of bills. “Now  I think you can do a little more than help up” Chicken said opening his bag to show a mountain of bills. Cody swiftly closes the bag “Hey Jackass what the hell are you doin?” He mutters “Relax, i'm just gettin’ us a good time.” He looks over to sugar “Baby why don’t you get some of your girls and take my friends upstairs,” Within seconds they were flanked by several women. Chicken tossed his keys into Barleys hands “So you don’t worry about me gettin’ away” He winked as they disappeared  Chicken stayed behind at the bar “You know I got a bit of a sweet tooth.” He says his hand dragging along Sugars back. She quivered and threw herself over the counter and onto his lap. She smelled like cheap perfume and had wild blonde hair. When she kissed him he could taste her lip gloss, it tasted like liquorish.

“So what’s your name Handsome?”

“They call me the chicken around her, but i'm tryin to change that”  

“Chickens a funny name, are you funny?” she asks giggling and playing with his hair.

“I'm as funny as you want me to be miss..”

“You can call me sugar...Now how exactly do three men end up in the desert with a sack full of cash?” Asks tilted her head back exposing her neck. He grins almost too excited to tell this story “Well when you work for big men pickin big locks they put a lot of trust in you. So much they forget not to.” He says as his lips drag along her skin “So I wait for the right time and empty a safe or two. Get out without anyone even noticing and by the time he does..i'm already gone.” Sugar was captivated “Oh my...sounds so dangerous.” she says pressing her chest to him “Tell me more,,”

“Guy like that doesn’t get that kinda money without breakin a few heads. In fact that guys got kinda a reputation, he takes you out into the street and steps on your head, pressin down hard enough that you become part of the gravel. That’s how he got the name “The road.” Sugar leaps out of her seat “wait wait wait you stole this from him, what the hell is wrong you with no one steals from him you're dead men.”.

“Sugar, baby don't worry, the guys away on some vacation. He’s long gone and no one saw me. I got the snake brothers to poison the guards at his door, i'm a ghost baby.” He smirks pulling her back to him

Just then gunshots are heard from the upstairs.. She screams and chicken pulls his gun but his hands already begin to shake “N-now don’t worry that was probably just a miss f-” He heard another shot and the sound of Cody screaming followed by more. Sugar begins to cry as her bar is suddenly flooded with men. Chicken was surrounded when the bodies of Barley and Cody fall from the stairs. Chicken held his gun up, barely able to even hold it in his shaking hands “N-N-N-OWW I D-O-O-ONT WANT TO SSHOOT” He looked ready to collapse.   “Why in the HELL would T-the freakin CHICKEN cross the ROAD?” Sugar cries A figure emerges from up the stairs. He towers over him looking like death himself. He takes the gun from chickens petrified hand and presses it to his head

“To get to the other side.”